"After being 'poly-bombed' by my ex wife and spending two years in a downright abusive situation I had some significant trauma attached to polyamory so when my girlfriend wanted to start dating other people it was somewhat difficult for me to get on board. Fortunately I had seen some recommendations for Leanne (and Greg) in a support group I was a part of so I had a few sessions with her to see if she could help me work through some of the issues I was experiencing that traditional therapy wasn't really helping with. The sessions were great, she really gave me a number of really useful tools to help analyze and manage the feelings I was dealing with. She also helped me really examine what my boundaries are and how to effectively communicate them. She's been really great to work with and I highly recommend that anyone who is struggling meet with her to see if she can help."
Pennsylvania, USA
"I left a monogamous marriage of 21 years to enter a polyamorous throuple. Over a 3 year time span of traumatic events, feelings of unworthiness, doubt, and toxic behaviour, I was in way over my head. Searching for answers I stumbled across Leanne and Greg’s podcast “Empowered Poly” on YouTube; a blessing in disguise. I needed direction and guidance. I needing saving as I was drowning in heartache and regret. I reached out to Leanne, and she agreed to mentor me. When I tell you she literally saved my life, I mean it. She listened without judgment and more importantly she empowered me to find myself again; my dignity and my worth. She guided me in the right direction. Leanne is empathetic and understanding. She is a wealth of knowledge and compassion. She gave me my power back, my fire. I’ll forever be grateful to Leanne for enabling me to take control… control over my happiness, my peace and my life."
Pennsylvania USA
"I was new to poly life when I found Leanne and immediately felt comfortable sharing with her. She helped me navigate how to communicate with my partner(s) without giving up parts of myself.
I am thankful our paths crossed."
Millie L.
Colorado, USA
"I'm so happy that I stumbled upon Leanne! As a Relationship Coach, she helped me through a very trying time
in my polyamorous, D/s relationship. She gave me some helpful coping skills and helped me come to
some difficult realizations and decisions. I could tell that Leanne truly cared about my happiness
and well-being and she gave me some advice that will stick with me for a long time.
Leanne made a huge impact on my life and I will forever be grateful."
Arizona, USA
"Leanne has been a wonderful and supportive Relationship Coach, encouraging me to follow my instincts. Everything I've gained so far from this experience has been so helpful."
California, USA
"I have been going through one of the toughest times in my life these past 6 months. Leanne has been able to give me practical advice and support, complimenting the work with my therapist."
Becky Loveking
Virginia, USA
"Leanne has helped me navigate an extremely difficult and complicated chapter of my life, and taught me some tools that have transformed how I approach conflict and communicating my needs.
She is a fantastic listener, and a wise confidante."
Alberta, Canada
"It was a real pleasure working with Leanne. She is very perceptive, direct, and intuitive. She is empathetic and looks at the whole situation through a compassionate lens. She put me at ease about some things that I was new to! And that helped me to feel more comfortable and confident in my romantic relationship. Leanne is a great expert in relationships and sexuality. I highly recommend her and would use her services again if the need arises."
California, USA
"Leanne has helped me shift my life from a state of fear to a state of empowerment in the most loving way.
I consider her a great friend and an amazing Life Coach, and recommend her to
anyone who needs guidance in their lives."
Lux McLeod
Alberta, Canada
"Leanne has helped me realize who I am. I was able to come in terms with my sexual orientation and my kinks. I was able to accept that. I was also able to open them up to my fiance, and I could not have been happier. We are really much more healthy, and this has brought us closer. Thanks to Leanne."
Paul K.
Michigan, USA
"Leanne was wonderful to work with. She is patient and kind in how she presents ideas and thoughts. I never felt that she was leading me or making me think how she wanted me to think, rather that she was there to help me find my way on a path she already knew. She has been working with me to understand a new polyamorous dynamic in my relationship with my wife and I could not have asked for a better or more understanding coach on this journey."
Ohio, USA
"Leanne is a treasure and a fabulous life coach and therapist! She is the first marriage counselor that actually helped my husband and I progress to where we both needed to be. Sadly, that meant he and I parted ways. But I have to wonder if we had found Leanne years before we did if the outcome could have been different. I will be forever grateful we had Leanne help us through our painful but freeing process."
Washington, USA
"I was brand new to D/s relationships and navigating a new relationship in that dynamic. In addition to this, I had lost my own path in a previous relationship, my career, and other goals. Leanne not only helped me with learning about D/s, but also helped me to learn about myself again. She easily worked with my volatile state and gave me tools to discover myself, my new relationship, and the D/s dynamic. By the end of our set of sessions, I was in a new space and am now able to further work on other goals in my life. I am grateful to have met Leanne."