Year: 2020

Two Types of People in a Relationship

There are two types of people in a relationship; Collectors and Investors.

 Collectors WANT something from you; it might be romance, intimacy, friendship but they want something that you have to offer. They want to vent to you, have you listen, appreciate and witness their lives and when they’re done with you, they put you on the shelf. Not a great feeling;believe me; especially once you’ve discovered your own worth. That’s when these types of relationships start to flounder, because as long as you DON’T know what you deserve to have in a relationship, you can subsist here for quite a long, lonely time.

Surrender to Success

I was BROKE, living off my credit cards and just hoping the car would make it through the winter. It was utterly exhausting being overwhelmed with the burden of finding a new job and home. But here’s the thing…when we need it, a teacher or teaching shows up. So, it did.

COVID Brings Back Courting

What to do? Consider risk management, who our choices affect, and perhaps we can embrace a more mature attitude toward developing relationships. Something that looks a lot more like…COURTING. Yep…the age old way to get to know someone without putting your hands on them. What a concept, right?