What Stories Do You Tell Yourself?

Humans are incredible storytellers!

We have been, since before the written word, able to re-enact for others our adventures. We have been able to imagine outrageous, unbelievable things and then accomplish them (I think of the original Star Trek and how many of those imagined tech possibilities came TRUE). And all because we tell stories so well and in such vivid detail. 

But when the stories turn inward, when WE are the main character, our stories tend to take darker turns. We anticipate poorer outcomes for ourselves than we do for others. We become anxious over how someone else might perceive us. We judge ourselves harshly – I could’ve/ should’ve/would’ve. We tell awful, hurtful tales about why a relationship failed and why the rest will too, or why we didn’t get the job, why we aren’t where we want to be in this moment. We blame others, we blame ourselves. And the stories become all-consuming.
Those dark stories about ourselves turn into LIMITING BELIEFS.

We aren’t good enough, smart enough, good-looking enough, etc. We aren’t worthy of time/consideration/care.

We aren’t worthy of love.

These stories, when repeated, become part of our IDENTITY and that’s when they become enmeshed with how we perceive ourselves, and we have difficulty changing the narrative, even when we want to. We become ATTACHED to our victimhood, and that leads to damaging behaviours like shaming, blaming, avoiding, vilifying ourselves or others. We find it hard to open up to friendship or intimacy and have difficulty maintaining healthy boundaries in relationships.

Whatever stories we tell about ourselves we are LISTENING and BELIEVING.

What if we could flip the script on those stories and beliefs?

What if we could give ourselves the gifts of support, of belief, of compassion?

What if the stories about ourselves were full of accomplishments, kudos, gratitude and appreciation?

What if YOU loved Your Beautiful Self with as much devotion and care as anyone else?

Let’s make sure the stories we keep telling ourselves are inspiring tales full of resilience, willingness, growth, and love. Stories that support the belief that we ARE worthy. Even when we stumble. Even when we crack and falter. Even when life is full of challenges and pain. 

Perhaps most especially then.❤❤❤️ Reach out to me if you’d like some help with this.

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