Leanne Million B.F.A., B.Ed.

Certified Life, Relationship, and Sexuality Coach 
EMPOWERED POLY Coaching Services

I know it’s hard to ask for help. You might know     where you want to get to, but not know how           …and that’s really frustrating, isn’t it?        That’s where I come in as your Coach. 

Here’s a little about me…

My Story

I’m currently loving my fourth marriage to an extraordinary human being, my husband Greg, who is an Emotional Empowered Coach with Empowered Now. Yes, you read that right. Number four. So… why would you want Relationship and Sexuality Coaching from someone who’s been married so many times and had many other relationships?  Because of the wealth of experience I’ve accumulated and the lessons I learned along the way.

Think about it…would you rather get relationship advice from someone who has only ever known one type of relationship, with one individual… Or from someone who’s dipped her toes into a few ponds? Hell, someone who’s dived in head first, feet first, waded in, was tossed in, and learned to swim…you get the idea of the metaphor. 

I’ve had many different types of relationships, in a variety of dynamics from a polyamorous closed V, to traditional monogamy, to long term monogamish, to long distance consensually non-monogamous/poly triad, and back to monogamy again. I’m currently married and polyamorous, and I identify as bisexual, demisexual, kinky and ambiamorous. (If you don’t know what ambiamorous means, check out my blog article here.)

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Education as well as Theatre and for 23 years I was a high school Drama and English teacher.  I pivoted my career into coaching late in life, after two injury accidents left me with post-concussion syndrome, and my teaching career abruptly came to an end. I’ve found a lot of joy and fulfillment in coaching, and I feel honoured to be a part of each client’s journey.

My Values & Beliefs

This is a Safe Space

I work to create a safe space for everyone to feel comfortable to share their dreams, their disapointments, their fears.  No topic is taboo.

People Are Individuals

Your choices, preferences and desires may be very different than my own. As long as you operate within the bounds of safe, sane and consensual, I’m happy to support you.

Time is Valuable

It’s important to me to not waste your time, and I also want that reciprocated by my clients. Let’s show up for one another as fully as we are able, so that our sessions are helpful and are effective.

My Approach

I’ve been coached myself, by those who were very helpful and efficient and by those who weren’t. From those experiences, my own approach to coaching emerged. 

You’ll have access to my personal relevant experience, to my decades of experience as an eduator, motivator, and personal guide, and to my many years of training through countless hours of courses, books, therapy and coaching. 

I’m here to facilitate, encourage and provide perspective as you move towards your goals. I won’t  just be a cheerleader.  Instead, I’ll let you know what I see as progress, as well as what I see as barriers and patterns or limiting beliefs that are in your way.

My job is to help you get unstuck, and to challenge you, support you and ask questions to guide you toward a more authentic life with more deeply meaningful relationships with others, but most importantly, with yourself. 

Valuable Resources


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Recommended Books

  • “polysecure: Attachment, Trauma and Consensual Non-monogamy” by psychotherapist Jessica Fern – learn about attachment theory and how your attachment style impacts relationships!
  • “polywise: A Deeper Dive into Navigating Open Relationships” by psychotherapist Jessica Fern & life partner and restorative justice facilitator David Cooley – an insightful resource to help with the challenge of transitions in your relationships. 
  • “The Anxious Person’s Guide to Non-Monogamy” by Lola Phoenix
  • “The Ethical Slut: 3rd edition” by Hardy & Easton – an excellent introductory text to the world of non-monogamy.
  • “Mating in Captivity” by Esther Perel – an examination of the conflict between what makes up desire and what we have in our established relationships.