Leanne Million B.F.A., B.Ed.

Certified Life, Relationship, and Sexuality Coach 
EMPOWERED POLY Coaching Services


Coaching Services

Let’s Get You Closer to Where You Want to Be


Individual Coaching

Let’s focus on you, your needs, fears, hopes, and desires and help you move forward in an empowered way toward the things you want more of in your life! 

Couple's/Group Coaching

If you and your partner(s) want help with your patterns, communication, sexual dynamics, intimacy and connection, let’s all talk!

One Step At a Time

 Be More Authentically YOU

Sometimes you need some help getting to know the real, authentic you. That process takes time and intention, but is well worth it. When you know yourself well, you can see where you’re living in alignment with your truth, and where you aren’t. Then you’ll know where you’re headed.

Frustrated by your relationships?

Confused about what to do next?

Has what you've already tried not worked, or made things worse?

Motivated and willing to do something different?

Are you ready for change?

Designed for You

With an intentional and targeted focus on what you need and want, we’ll work together to design a plan to help you move forward toward        your goals. 

Relationship Coaching

I’m here to help you find a deeper connection to yourself so you can get clarity and have more meaningful, communicative connections in your relationships. 

Heart-led Coaching

I want nothing more than to understand, support and help you. Our time together is important to me, and I will be present, straight forward, receptive and caring in our work together. 

Tools & Strategies

Something I LOVE about coaching is being able to provide useful tools, tips, resources and strategies that help move you more effectively into alignment with yourself.  

Coaching or Therapy?
Can I do both?

Coaching is different than therapy, though they do pair well together. Therapy focuses more on the “why” of the feelings and behaviours you’re experiencing and coaching focuses on meeting you where you are and finding whatever works most effectively to get you closer to where you want to be. Talk therapy serves a lot of people well, but it can also keep you stuck in the same stories, whereas in coaching we can work on methods to interrupt the unhelpful stories we tell ourselves.  


Leanne was wonderful to work with. She is patient and kind in how she presents ideas and thoughts. I never felt that she was leading me or making me think how she wanted me to think, rather that she was there to help me find my way on a path she already knew. She has been working with me to understand a new polyamorous dynamic in my relationship with my wife and I could not have asked for a better or more understanding coach on this journey.


Ohio, USA


Twice a month my husband Greg and myself will send you information, insights, and reflections we’ve encountered in our work as coaches, or in our personal lives.

We’ll share resources like podcasts, articles, memes and more that we find thought-provoking!


Coaching Packages

Plus GST/HST for Canadian clients
Note: all prices are in USD for clients outside of Canada

Individual Coaching Packages

No matter the area you want to work on, or how complex, we will find a package to suit you. Each session is an hour long. 

$600 for six (save $150)
$800 for eight (save $200)
$1000 for ten (save $250)

Couple's/Group Coaching Packages

Purchasing a couples' or group session package means we can toggle between group and individual sessions as needed, while interweaving the work to achieve shared and personal goals.

$900 for six (save $150)
$1200 for eight (save $200)
$1400 for ten (save $350)

Single Sessions

If you don't want to commit to a package, you can purchase each as a single session for either an individual or couple's/group. Each time you book an appointment, you'll be asked to pay a $25 non-refundable booking fee to hold the appointment (tranferrable to a rebook if given 24 hours notice), and the balance will be due the day of the appointment. 

$125/hr for an individual
$175/hr couples or groups

Online Coaching Resources


Dive in with us to tackle those common issues my husband, Greg and I have encountered in relationships. Topics like "Tools vs. Rules", "All About Consent", "Managing Chronic Illness", "Toxic Relationships" and "Long Term Relationship Challenges" address things that occur in MANY relationships, and others like "Jealousy in CNM", "Grieving Monogamy", "The Desire to Feel Special in Poly/CNM" and "Poly/Mono Relationships" really focus on the needs of polyam and CNM folx.

Or find it here:

Join Our Facebook Group EMPOWERED POLY Relationship Support and Advice

Being in a polyamorous or consensually non-monogamous relationship can feel isolating sometimes. Communities can be helpful in recognizing we aren't the only person having certain challenges and even help guide us. They help us feel less alone. We also offer Open Mondays discussion meetings Sept - June where we pick a topic and everyone has an opportunity to share, ask questions and help one another.

THE POLY LAB Group Coaching Jan. 6th - 27th, 2023 Disentangling Codependency with special guest Jessica Fern!

Group coaching is way to access coaching more affordably, to gain connections with others facing similar challenges and to come away with a proactive approach using tools, tips and techniques you'll get in THE POLY LAB with myself and Greg.

Our next Polylab: Disentangling Codependency starts January 6th and runs for 4 weeks every Saturday at 12:00 pm MST for 90 min. The final Saturday on January 27th is a Q & A with psychotherapist Jessica Fern, author of "Polysecure" and "Polywise"! Only $249 for 3 weeks of coaching and a chance to ask Jessica your questions! 

If you’re ready and motivated to shift into a more authentic and empowered place,

reach out.

The time to make a shift in your life is now. 

Don’t wait for things to hit crisis mode…and if you’re already in crisis mode, let’s talk and get you the help you need. 

Having a coach in your corner to help guide you can be such an asset. 

You don’t have to do this alone.